• How can I join the ACS?

    Instructions for applying for the membership of ACS:

    For a NEW member

    1. Click the "Membership" button then click "Join" button.

    2. Fill the empty boxs in the page with your details as name, title, institution, etc. Then fill and input a password (put a password as your like, and this password will be used as your login password). Then click the "send out" button on the bottom of the page.

    3. Follow up the steps of payment process. Remember to click "Continue" to fully complete the payment on the page of showing "Your payment traction is completed". 

    4. Your email address will be your login ID to the website's system, and the password is the one you fill on the "Join" page. You can LOGIN to view your status and make payments.

    For a member to RENEW membership

    1. First, login to your personal information page using the button of "LOGIN" on the top. Your email address will be your login ID, and the password is also set by yourself.

    2. Click "MEMBER" on the top. Then, click "Pay" 

  • What if I don't have a credit card to pay my membership?

    If you do not have a credit card, you can use another people's credit card to make payment, such as the card of your family member or your friend, of course you must ask for the card holder's permission to use his or her card number. Or use check or money order, or telegraphic transfer:


    1. For Check/Money Order USD 9008680331     2. For Telegraphic Transfer

    Name: Asian Criminological Society                   Name: Asian Criminological Society

    USD 9008680331                                        (MOP) account number: 9008680297

    MOP 9008680297                                       Swift code: BNULMOMX

    HKD 9008680314                                        Bank Name: Banco Nacional Ultramarino

    Cif No.: 9206332

    Bank Name: Banco Nacional Ultramarino

    The bank charges 30MOP processing fee for any telegraphic transfer from non-MOP to MOP account. If from USD to USD account, the charge is 0.25%*(membership fee).